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Video: Suffern Rescinds Policing Resolutions

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After lies, lobbying, intimidation, foot dragging, inexplicable ignorance and infantile temper tantrums on the part of outside people and entities, the Village of Suffern has rescinded the resolutions it passed for both Airmont and Hillburn to help modify the Rockland County Police Act in order to allow villages to contract with other villages instead of towns for police services. The Village of Airmont contacted the Village of Suffern to discuss the possibility of switching from the Ramapo Police Department to the Suffern Police Department—a measure that would save Airmont taxpayers approximately $2 million each year.  Based upon the apparent commitment…

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Letter to the Editor: Village of Suffern Needs the Orange Avenue Project

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Wednesday the vote for the Orange Avenue project failed.  Trustee Frank Hagen, who had told the developer, mayor, deputy mayor and various chamber members that he supported the project as recently as Saturday -- inexplicably changed his vote to a no. He offered no explanation but it wasn't for the best of Suffern as he never gave any board member a heads up or expressed any issues with the project at the public hearing last Thursday. Not only does this put the project on life support but it sends a dangerous message to any business considering coming to Suffern. Based on Frank’s word…

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Village of Suffern Spring Coloring Contest winners

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Pre-School               Name                            School Most Creative:      Vanessa Duran                YMCA Best Coloring: First Place               Jaden Glogg                    Y-Beginning Second Place          Abigail Loeser                        Y-Beginning Third Place             Sarah Lynn Walker         Tutor Time Kindergarten: Most Creative:      Erin  Mulligan                        R. P. Connor Best Coloring: First Place:              Olivia Mulligan              R. P. Connor Second Place:         Isabelle Horton               Sacred Heart Third Place:            Christian Klingner          R. P. Connor First Grade: Most Creative        Gabriella Lago                R. P. Connor Best Coloring: First Place               Alec Pierre                      Sacred Heart Second Place:         Luc Roulier                     Sacred Heart Third Place:            Jacob Nytko                    Sacred Heart Second Grade: Most Creative:      Zooey                  …

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