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Video: Suffern Rescinds Policing Resolutions

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After lies, lobbying, intimidation, foot dragging, inexplicable ignorance and infantile temper tantrums on the part of outside people and entities, the Village of Suffern has rescinded the resolutions it passed for both Airmont and Hillburn to help modify the Rockland County Police Act in order to allow villages to contract with other villages instead of towns for police services. The Village of Airmont contacted the Village of Suffern to discuss the possibility of switching from the Ramapo Police Department to the Suffern Police Department—a measure that would save Airmont taxpayers approximately $2 million each year.  Based upon the apparent commitment…

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All We Want are the Facts Ma’am: Clearing Up the Misconceptions on the Airmont Policing Issue

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Many Airmont residents are angry that the Village Board voted against getting the ball rolling so that they could examine and possibly lower their policing costs while increasing service  and confused about the mixed messages they are getting from village hall. During the Village of Airmont workshop on Monday April 21st, Airmont's Mayor made some statements that didn’t seem quite right and confused us so Ramapo Times & The Rockland Star investigated.  Here is what we found: Mayor Boesch: We didn’t go to Suffern; Suffern came to us because they need money. What actually happened:  Village of Airmont Trustee Ralph…

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