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Airmont’s Boesch and Valenti Vote ‘No’ on Resolution To Look Into Changing Police Departments

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Change from Ramapo to Suffern Could Save Airmont Residents $2 million/year Village of Airmont Trustee Ralph Bracco wants to look into a cost-saving measure that would save the taxpayers of the Village of Airmont an estimated $2 million each year. Airmont pays the Town of Ramapo approximately $4.7 million each year for policing services and according to Bracco, via Chief Brower, “Airmont gets one car per shift and that’s all we’re going to get.” In attendance at last night’s meeting were at least three Ramapo officers.  An off-duty officer and Airmont resident eloquently explained that because there is some overlap…

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Suffern to Police Airmont? Could be a Win-Win Situation for Both Villages

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Citing extremely high costs for the level of service they feel they are receiving, the Village of Airmont has reached out to the Village of Suffern to inquire about switching police departments. Airmont currently uses the Ramapo Police Department as does every village in the Town of Ramapo with the exception of the Villages of Suffern and Spring Valley which both maintain their own fully-staffed and highly regarded departments. Although no hard numbers are available at this time, apparently Airmont can save taxpayers a considerable amount of money while Suffern can use the extra income especially since Novartis is leaving…

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