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Airmont’s Mayor Boesch Decides Against Re-election Run

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It has been an honor to have served the residents of the Village of Airmont for eight years.  When I was first approached to run for the office of trustee, I was surprised and flattered.  Having taught history and government for thirty years, and having a Masters Degree in Political Science, I felt that I had the appropriate background to understand the complexities and the limits of the power of government. After the sudden passing of Mayor Dennis Kay, I was asked to serve as Mayor until the next general election in March, 2013.  I was hesitant because I knew…

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Video: Suffern Rescinds Policing Resolutions

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After lies, lobbying, intimidation, foot dragging, inexplicable ignorance and infantile temper tantrums on the part of outside people and entities, the Village of Suffern has rescinded the resolutions it passed for both Airmont and Hillburn to help modify the Rockland County Police Act in order to allow villages to contract with other villages instead of towns for police services. The Village of Airmont contacted the Village of Suffern to discuss the possibility of switching from the Ramapo Police Department to the Suffern Police Department—a measure that would save Airmont taxpayers approximately $2 million each year.  Based upon the apparent commitment…

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Airmont’s Boesch and Valenti Vote ‘No’ on Resolution To Look Into Changing Police Departments

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Change from Ramapo to Suffern Could Save Airmont Residents $2 million/year Village of Airmont Trustee Ralph Bracco wants to look into a cost-saving measure that would save the taxpayers of the Village of Airmont an estimated $2 million each year. Airmont pays the Town of Ramapo approximately $4.7 million each year for policing services and according to Bracco, via Chief Brower, “Airmont gets one car per shift and that’s all we’re going to get.” In attendance at last night’s meeting were at least three Ramapo officers.  An off-duty officer and Airmont resident eloquently explained that because there is some overlap…

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