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Suffern High School Pool Could Open Within Days–High Phosphate Levels to Blame

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SUEZ-Supplied Water Suspected as the Culprit After a summer renovation of the Suffern High School pool resulted in green-tinged water keeping it closed and frustrating students and parents alike, the pool is on the verge of re-opening. The pool at Suffern High School was built in 1972 and was last renovated in 2004 so clearly it was time for an update. The decision was made late in the spring, the project was put out to bid and work began over the summer.  The project involved emptying the pool, preparing the surface, making cut-outs for the drainage system, the existing lanes…

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Rockland Star to Host Meet the Candidates Forum Oct. 23rd in Suffern

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The Rockland Star will be hosting a Meet the Candidates Forum at Suffern Village Hall on Monday October 23rd from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. We have invited all candidates for Rockland County Executive and for Town of Ramapo Supervisor and council positions. Each candidate will be given up to five minutes to introduce themselves and discuss topics of their choice. Moderated questions will be asked with the same questions being asked of each candidate.  Each candidate will be given three minutes to make a closing statement. So far we have received commitments from: Rockland County Executive Candidates Deirdra O'Connor and Maureen…

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Suffern Mayor Committed to Enforcing Current Zoning for Novartis Property

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With the purchase of the former 162-acre Novartis site, the Village of Suffern is looking forward to working with the site’s new owners, Suffern Partners, to fill the campus with businesses that would be permitted based on the Village of Suffern’s zoning designation of Planned Light Industrial and/or Manufacturing. Examples of businesses under this designation would include: warehousing, offices, manufacturing and packaging. The former Novartis site is not zoned residential, therefore, the use of the property for this purpose would not be permitted. In a recent press release regarding the sale of the former Novartis site, I stated, “We will ultimately deliver benefits…

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Regardless of Who Is Right, Spring Valley Politics Continues to Provide the Best Free Entertainment in Rockland

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Fonvil makes incredible allegations in Creole against SV Mayor, Police Chief and D.A. Just when you thought it couldn't get any wilder or wackier, the political situation in Spring Valley has exceeded all expectations which in and of itself is an incredible feat. Spring Valley has in recent years seen multiple elected officials arrested on corruption charges, an impeachment trial, a sitting trustee who sold their own mother out in order to obtain the endorsement of the bloc vote, allegations of financial improprieties while failing to provide proper equipment for first responders, squabbles about summer camp and the list goes…

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Deirdra O’Connor, Write-In Candidate for Rockland County Executive

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My name is Deirdra O’Connor and I am running as a write in For Rockland County Executive. There is an opportunity to ballot as a write in during the primary election on the reform line. If you are an independent or not affiliated with any party you are allowed to vote in the primary on the reform party line.  I am running because I believe the areas we are most vulnerable in are areas of great strength for me. I have been engaging and listening to all sides of the current debates when it comes to zoning, development, education, religion,…

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Structured Recess at RP Connor Causes an Uproar, Modifications Still Have Parents Upset

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Wednesday's first day of school came with an unexpected twist as parents of students at RP Connor Elementary School in Suffern were surprised to find out from their children at the end of the school day that "Structured Recess" was being implemented for their children in grades 3-5.   According to the email that parents received during the early evening hours and after many RP Connor students had arrived home expressing their concern to their parents, a structured recess plan was being implemented which essentially consists of "planned, inclusive and actively supervised games." Structured recess has been implemented at various schools…

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Lowey Joins Gov. to Mark Opening of the New Tappan Zee Bridge

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Lowey instrumental in securing $1.6 billion in critical federal funding for New Tappan Zee Bridge WHITE PLAINS, NY – Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY17/Rockland-Westchester), Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee, joined Governor Andrew Cuomo, along with local elected officials, at a ceremony today to mark the opening of the first span of the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement. “The Tappan Zee Bridge replacement is one of the most urgently needed and important infrastructure projects in the nation, and today marked another important step toward providing much-needed relief for commuters and strengthening a critical link in our region’s infrastructure system,” said Congresswoman Lowey. “I’m proud to have helped secure $1.6…

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Sorry LoHud, You’ve Got Dookies in Your Pool On The Tappan Zee Bridge Issue

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Re: Your editorial about the name of the new bridge: Actually, Journal News, you don't.  You don't have to call the new bridge anything that you don't want to call it. You see, there is something called freedom of speech in this country. There is also something called freedom of the press.  It's more than just a something, it's actually an amendment, the First Amendment in fact, to the Constitution of the United States of America and it's a very important one. You seemingly contradicted yourselves here: "Associated Press style, to which we try to adhere, says to use and capitalize the…

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Facebook Shenanigans and Fake Profiles Can Only Mean One Thing—Its RCSD Election Time

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Several concerned Ramapo residents reached out to us to investigate a possible fake Facebook profile while many others were concerned about the Ramapo Teacher’s Association’s endorsement of two of the three candidates running for the school board. Much of the concern about the RTA endorsements surrounded two issues:  1. Should the RTA be allowed to endorse candidates when they have a vested interest in upcoming contract negotiations? 2. The RTA endorsed Joseph Gravagna and to many they question the credibility of that endorsement. First things first, The Ramapo Teacher’s Association, the union that represents the interests of the teachers in…

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Darrell Frasier, Board Member Candidate for RCSD

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I have lived in the Ramapo Central School District for 11 years (Sloatsburg).  I am a graduate of Bonds-Wilson High School in North Charleston, SC, studied Criminal Justice at Palmer College/Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC, and am a graduate of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, SC. My first professional job after one year of college was an Assistant Teacher in the Special Education Department of North Charleston High School. I later became a Police Officer in North Charleston ending my career as an Inspector at the Mount Pleasant Police Department in South Carolina. I have been a…

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