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Launched in April of 2009, our first publication Ramapo Times has quickly become a destination for those who want to news and information about the goings on in Rockland County. Our initial focus was on the Town of Ramapo but we’ve grown as our audience has grown to the point where we are increasingly serving much of the county.

Our photos are highly regarded; we don’t take sides on the issues and we promote events and non-profits as much as possible. As a community news platform, we encourage our readers to voice their opinions and to attack the issues, not the individuals. Our Publisher’s “Dookies in the Pool” blog which is usually a humorous take on life remains an extremely popular feature.

The site was completely redesigned and then re-launched in August 2011 offering readers more customization options so that they get the news and information that is important to them while being able to turn off the categories in which they have no interest. In 2014 we moved to a powerful new platform with capabilities that allows us to easily expand to serve communities across the nation.

Our goal is to provide affordable and innovative advertising, promotional and brand-building solutions to small and mid-size businesses that connect them with local consumers.

Average Audience Traffic/Site Usage-Ramapo Times & the Rockland Star

Average Monthly Unique Visitors                         68,500+

Average Monthly Page Views                               790,000

Visit Daily                                                                  48.8%

Visit 2-3 times each day                                         26.6%

Visit 4-5 times each day                                         14.8%


Median Age:                                                             36

Male                                                                           47%

Female                                                                      53%

Household Income

Average HHI:                                                            $86,400

Average HHI of $75,000+                                       59.6%

Homeowners                                                              74.4%


Undergraduate Degree or Higher                         71.1%

Master’s Degree                                                       21.9%

Doctoral Degree                                                         4.8%

Advertising Rates

Ad Type


Premium Header Ad (limited to 15/month) Monthly $350.00
Premium Sidebar Ad (limited to 15/month) Monthly $350.00
Rotating Banner Ad Monthly $100.00/month
Category Sponsorships Monthly Start at $50.00/month
Steals & Deals Special Offer Program Annual $500.00
Steals & Deals Special Offer Program Monthly $75.00
Easter Eggs-Hidden Incredible offers Each $150.00
Easter Eggs-Hidden Incredible offers Annual $500.00
Animated banner ad design Each $60.00
Static banner ad design Each $40.00
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Political Banner Ads Monthly $200.00
Sponsored Article Links Annual $350.00
Website Pop-over Daily $150.00
Advertorial One Time $250.00
Audio Interviews Each $100.00
Special Feature Articles Each $100.00
12 Month Small Business Boost Package Annual Call
6 month Small Business Boost Package 6 months Call
Special Feature Article Sponsorships Variable Freq. Call
Email Sponsorship (limit 2 per email) Each $250.00
Contests-Online Scavenger Hunts Each Call
Poll Sponsorship Each $75.00

41,000+ email subscribers

81% of our readers share content with friends & family at least monthly

63% attend public meetings or community functions

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