Ramapo PD Searching for Airmont Underwear Idiot Who Broke Into Local Home

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Ramapo Police are on the lookout for an underwear and robe wearing dirtbag who broke into the home of an expectant single mother early Saturday morning.

Click here to watch the video of the Airmont Underwear Idiot breaking into the house.
Fortunately the expectant single mother and her young child were out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend when the break-in occurred.

The intruder was apparently outside the home for about an hour in 20 degree temperatures before breaking into the home.  In the video he actually looks right at the camera as he makes his way in through the kitchen window.

Click here to watch the video of the Airmont Underwear Idiot freezing in his robe outside the house.

Upon entering the home he went around and took every video surveillance camera in the house and seemingly knew exactly where they would be located. It doesn’t appear that anything else was taken from the home.
There are other aspects of this case that seem to be very

suspicious as well that we have decided to refrain from publishing.

The woman living in the home is currently in the middle of contentious divorce proceedings with her abusive husband. The husband has apparently been arrested for violence including domestic violence on a few occasions in the past however it is not known if he was convicted.  On at least one occasion his estranged wife declined to pursue the case due to fear of additional physical harm.  As a result of past history, it’s not known if this was an attempt to scare or to harm her or even if her soon to be ex husband is involved. The fact that The Airmont Underwear Idiot was clad only in underwear and a robe has also led the woman to fear a possible sexual assault may have been planned.

Anyone with any information or who can identify the Airmont Underwear Idiot please contact Ramapo Detective Robert Fitzgerald at 845-918-4351 or contact the Ramapo Police Department at 845-357-2400.