Breaking News… Shadowy Facebook Page Claims that Town of Ramapo Supervisor Candidate Bill Weber has a Job!

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse in the Town of Ramapo the scandalous revelation that Bill Weber may actually hold down a job and other posts started to appear a little more than a week before the election on a Facebook page called “The truth about Bill Weber”.
According to the Facebook page, it seems that Town of Ramapo Supervisor Candidate Bill Weber actually does indeed hold down a full-time job as a CFO! We were able to independently verify the fact that Bill Weber does indeed have a job.  The post goes on to show two documents where the one and only Bill Weber himself, on behalf of his employer billed the town of Ramapo for services rendered. Mr. Weber’s employer, Turco Golf had a contract to install the natural grass playing surface at the ballpark now known as Palisades Credit Union Park.
As far as we could ascertain, Turco Golf did indeed install the grass and has not been sued or indicted in any way for the work done. That the grass field is still in place and appears to be thriving despite the arrest and conviction of former Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence stands as a testament to the work done by Turco Golf.
Along with the scandalous accusations a series of questions were asked in the post. We took the liberty to investigate and have included our answers in red.
1. Did you know that Bill Weber is the CFO of Turco Golf And Construction, Inc? Confirmed!! Bill Weber does indeed have a job at Turco Golf and apparently is the CFO there unless he surreptitiously had his own business cards printed up online and made up that title.
2. Did you know that Turco Golf supported Christopher St. Lawrence’s political campaigns? Public knowledge for anyone willing to look. So did a lot of other people and businesses. Did you know that the person who shared the scandalous post supports the other candidate?
3. Did you know that Turco Golf took over 2.5 million dollars of taxpayer money in a contract with the Town of Ramapo for the baseball stadium? Did they ‘take’ the money as in it didn’t belong to them or did they ‘earn’ it? Ithey ‘took’ it perhaps the Ramapo and Suffern Police Departments should investigate.
4. Did you know that Bill Weber himself submitted a request for payment from the Town of Ramapo to collect money for Turco Golf? Absolutely scandalous that the CFO of a company would actually ask for the money they were owed for doing the job that they contracted to do. And if he submitted a request, how could Turco Golf “take” money?
Will Bill Weber put Ramapo first and leave Turco Golf and pledge to not award any new contracts to Turco Golf? Running the Town is a full-time job and we have it on pretty good authority that if successful, Mr. Weber will leave Turco Golf where he will no longer be able to “take” money from the Town of Ramapo.  Usually companies submit bids and the bid is awarded to the lowest qualified bidder when it has been voted on by the full board. 
The page goes into additional detail claiming that LLC’s (Limited Liability Company’s) have donated to Mr. Weber’s campaign. According to the Rockland County Board of Elections this is in no way scandalous.
What we did notice in the letter to the Town of Ramapo seeking payment that was posted on Facebook that Mr. Weber addressed his letter to a “Mr. Paul XXXXXXX” but then in the body of the letter referred to the individual as “Ms. XXXXXXX”.  As scandalous as this may have been in back 2011, in 2017 gender identity is relatively fluid and transgender people are a protected class so no harm was apparently done. It is not known if this individual identifies as a male or a female however it’s nice to see that even back in 2011 Bill Weber was covering all bases.
Apparently the person or persons behind “The Truth about Bill Weber” wish to remain anonymous. We did reach out via FB messenger and although we know they’ve read our message, we have not as yet received a response. We thought that perhaps there was a deluge of inquires into this scandal which tied up the administrators until we noticed that as of 11:30am on November 1st the page had exactly zero likes. As of today (November 2, 2017) the page has an astounding 4 likes total.
We will continue to monitor this scandal and will be sure to keep our readers updated as the Dookies in the Truth about Bill Weber’s continue to fester.


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