Meet the Concerned Taxpayer–RCC Meeting Video Raises Serious Questions

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Joseph Rand contacted us today to respond to the article that we published yesterday.

“Mr. Dale has raised some issues that are worthy of review.  I believe that they are being addressed however, the review is still in progress.”

Dennis Dale, started his career as an NYPD officer before deciding to become one of New York’s Bravest when he joined the FDNY where he was assigned to Manhattan’s elite Rescue 1 in Hell’s Kitchen.  Now retired, Dennis Dale 74, has served on the RCC Foundation Board for approximately 13 years.  During his tenure, Mr. Dale has raised more than $250,000 for the RCC Foundation.

Realizing that RCC’s finances weren’t in stellar shape, Mr. Dale began to look into things in order to see if savings were to be had anywhere.

When he realized that the Holocaust Center was paying $1.00/year in rent while the college was paying far more to lease property offsite he began to ask questions. When his inquiries fell on deaf ears, his curiosity was piqued so he began to look deeper which raised additional questions.

Things really got out of hand starting when Mr. Dale spoke at the 6-29-2017 RCC Board of Trustees meeting. As much as things got heated during the meeting, what happened after the meeting is what really got Mr. Dale upset.

“I went to that meeting to ask questions; to engage the board, I didn’t go to accuse anyone of anything” said Mr. Dale, “I was just looking for transparency.”

Mr. Dale received a ‘persona non-grata’ letter dated July 14, 2017 from William Murphy, Director of Public Safety at Rockland Community College.

Read the letter here.

After reading the letter, Mr. Dale felt that the justification for banning him from RCC properties was completely without merit so he viewed the RCC Board of Trustees meeting footage on YouTube. What he saw didn’t seem to match with his recollection of what had transpired.  “It didn’t match” exclaimed Dale, “what the letter said and what the video showed didn’t jibe. I didn’t think that I had cursed and in fact I was pretty sure that I hadn’t but in the video, they bleeped me out so I second-guessed myself.”

Watch the RCC Video here.

The video shot by the college shows that Mr. Dale got up to address the Board to ask his questions.

1:14 Dennis Dale addresses the board

1:46 Dennis Dale cites RCC By-laws regarding the Board Chairman getting information from the College President in order to bring his concerns to people’s attention.

2:04 Dennis Dale addresses RCC Trustee Joseph Rand regarding the leases

2:08 Trustee Joseph Rand asks if Dennis Dale is asking if he looked at the leases in his capacity as a trustee and answers ‘no.

2:13 RCC Chief of Staff Ben Naylor interrupts Dennis Dale who has the floor to advise trustees that public comment does not necessarily mean question and answer.

2:18 RCC Board Chairman Martin Wortendyke allows Mr. Dale to continue

2:19 Mr. Dale suggests that the trustees owe it to themselves to find out what’s going on in the college

2:26 Trustee Rand asks Dennis Dale what his standing is to make a complaint

2:36 Dennis Dale asks why Trustee Rand wants him to sit down and if he’s involved with some of the leases.

2:40 Trustee Rand replies ‘no’.

2:41 RCC Board Chair Martin Wortendyke tries to interject while Mr. Dale and Mr. Rand continue to speak to one another

2:50 RCC Board Chair tries to bring order to the meeting

2:51 Mr. Dale starts to leave, Mr. Rand tells Mr. Dale to go away

2:54 Mr. Dale turns around and the RCC Public safety officer enters the frame

2:59 RCC Board Chair tells Mr. Dale that he’s out of order. Mr. Dale replies “so are you, all of you, you don’t know what’s going on.”

3:06 Mr. Rand says “Good bye Dennis.”

3:08 Mr. Dale turns around and what he says is bleeped out and then he leaves the meeting room.

Dennis Dale didn’t feel that what was shown on the video accurately matched the allegations made in the persona non-grata letter.

Many live broadcasts operate on a delay, sometimes as long as seven seconds.  This allows the broadcaster to prevent mistakes and/or unacceptable content from being broadcast including nudity and foul or vulgar language.

What exactly did Mr. Dale say that was so bad that he needed to be bleeped?

Andrew Dale, Mr. Dale’s son decided to FOIL video footage from the RCC Public Safety Officer who was shown in the video that RCC edited and published online. As an aside, because of the persona non-grata letter issued to his father, Andrew Dale was pressed into action to ask questions at the August RCC Board of Trustees meeting.

Watch the RCC Public Safety Officer’s body cam footage here.

Clearly, there was no reason to bleep that portion of the video.  “Bye Joe” is not by any measure offensive so the question remains; why bleep out a portion of the video when Mr. Dale is speaking? The Dales want to know if it was an effort to discredit Mr. Dale in order to justify the persona non-grata letter?

Mr. Dale has been chastised in writing by Director of Public Safety William Murphy for emailing incoming RCC President Dr. Michael Baston on July 20, 2017 requesting a meeting to discuss the June 29th meeting.

Read Mr. Dale’s email here.

Read RCC Director of Public Safety William Murphy’s letter to Dennis Dale here.

Clearly the conflicting video footage is troubling and this issue has not been settled to Mr. Dale’s satisfaction.

When asked about being banned from the campus of an organization that he had devoted so much of his time to Mr. Dale pondered the question before responding: “We live in a county with a history of corruption. In this day and age transparency is required. You should never be afraid to ask questions even when it’s not the popular thing to do.”


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