Regardless of Who Is Right, Spring Valley Politics Continues to Provide the Best Free Entertainment in Rockland

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Fonvil makes incredible allegations in Creole against SV Mayor, Police Chief and D.A.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any wilder or wackier, the political situation in Spring Valley has exceeded all expectations which in and of itself is an incredible feat.

Spring Valley has in recent years seen multiple elected officials arrested on corruption charges, an impeachment trial, a sitting trustee who sold their own mother out in order to obtain the endorsement of the bloc vote, allegations of financial improprieties while failing to provide proper equipment for first responders, squabbles about summer camp and the list goes on and on and on.

Spring Valley Trustee Vilair Fonvil, who is seeking to oust current Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme and who was arrested on corruption charges back in April of this year, has made several claims that seem outlandish during a recent episode of his public access cable show on Cablevision. The show is in Creole.

We reached Trustee Fonvil by phone late last week and he seemed surprised that we were aware of his comments and asked how we knew what he had said because the show is broadcast in Creole. We have obtained an English transcript of statements made by Fonvil on the show.

Amongst the claims are accusations:

  • That former Marine and highly respected Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica is part of a plot to assassinate Fonvil
  • That Modica refuses to investigate an issue regarding Mayor Delhomme allegedly slamming a door on a man’s hand,
  • That Delhomme ordered the DPW to run Fonvil over with a truck
  • Delhomme has ‘Satan in his head’
  • That ‘professional police officer(s)’ would have (dragged Delhomme out of a car), “slammed him to the ground, they would have put their feet on his head, they would have handcuffed him and arrested him because that is an act of a criminal.’
  • That Modica is protecting Delhomme
  • That Modica had protected former Mayor Noramie Jasmin (This is a particularly interesting allegation in that Jasmin is currently serving four years on a corruption conviction during her time as Mayor of Spring Valley)
  • The Mayor has the right to kill anyone here (Spring Valley)
  • Modica is ‘Breaking the iron’ and covering up for Delhomme
  • Modica doesn’t respect the Trustees in Spring Valley (Numerous transcripts show that Fonvil has repeatedly dropped f-bombs directed toward Chief Modica)
  • Demeza tried to ‘take him out’ in 2000
  • Demeza and the District Attorney are vagabonds
  • ‘They (District Attorney, Modica and Demeza) created a plot to kill me (Fonvil) and to remove me from the political set’
  • The allegations brought against Fonvil ‘regarding the $6,000 is bull—
  • There has been a plot brewing against Fonvil since 2016 involving Delhomme, Modica, Judge David Fried and Steve White

Vilair Fonvil stated that he was unable to comment as he was busy campaigning ahead of this Tuesday’s primary however he did agree to speak with us next week.

In the interest of fairness, we look forward to providing Trustee Fonvil with equal time to share his perspective regarding these allegations next week.


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