Deirdra O’Connor, Write-In Candidate for Rockland County Executive

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My name is Deirdra O’Connor and I am running as a write in For Rockland County Executive. There is an opportunity to ballot as a write in during the primary election on the reform line. If you are an independent or not affiliated with any party you are allowed to vote in the primary on the reform party line.  I am running because I believe the areas we are most vulnerable in are areas of great strength for me. I have been engaging and listening to all sides of the current debates when it comes to zoning, development, education, religion, equality, justice, taxes, and corruption. It’s time for me to get involved more deeply and to bring people together to ensure all voices are being heard especially our most vulnerable, and to use the skills and experiences that I have been blessed to acquire through time and my own personal journey. I am passionate about my platforms and I have the skills, knowledge and experience to move these forward to serve the people and only the people. This is also the reason why I have chosen not to align with any political party but will accept support for my platforms.  My three platforms are: 1. Credibility of Our Rockland Schools, 2. Equality and Justice 3. Creation of Collaborative Strategic Comprehensive Plans.


I really do believe that people from every culture and background want good neighbors who care about the master plan of Rockland regardless of race or which religion you practice or not.  But in order to create this environment we have to create a master comprehensive plan with diverse expert constituent input, vision and insightfulness.  Government’s number one role is to provide balance, justice, equality, and visionary strategic comprehensive planning with implementation that supports all of its members.    We are now in a downward spiral of federal, state and town laws being broken, as well as, capacity and sustainability issues being completely disregarded, and its pitting communities against one another. This has to stop because no one is being served well except those who seek power and control. We are capable of extraordinary accomplishments together but divided we are much weaker and even at times down right nasty.  When we have skilled leadership and we unite as one county we will be unstoppable. Then what we accomplish together to serve our community will make future generations and us proud.  I am a proud mother of two high school teenagers, educational leader, daughter of immigrants and resident of Rockland County for over 38 years. I moved up from the Bronx as a young child with my family and have served our community starting at age 13 as a busgirl in our famous Annies in Stony Point. I have also served as a, waitress, bartender, receptionist, teacher, assistant principal and principal.  I grew up in Haverstraw, Garnerville where my parents currently reside and moved to Stony Point 19 years ago. I have my Bachelors Degree with a focus on special education, general education and psychology, a Masters Degree with a focus on multicultural education and cultural proficiency, and an Advanced Degree with a focus on Organizational and Systems leadership. I strongly believe we currently have a systems failure and no one system every stands alone. When systems fail people pit against one another and government fails its people.  It’s time for executive leadership with a bird’s eye multidimensional view who knows how to collaboratively work with expert constituent leadership to create comprehensive strategic plans that are implemented with integrity and transparency. I have served as a systems leader for over 10 years and I lead with knowledge, fairness, and integrity. I can assure you I will implement a systems approach with integrity, cut right through the corruption, create a shared implemented vision, rise the level of expectations significantly, and will put a level of transparency and accountability into action that Rockland has never seen before and so desperately needs. Those who seek to divide and conquer us for their own selfish needs know this, so get out and vote so we can do the work that needs to get done to move Rockland forward to serve the people and ONLY the people.


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