Sorry LoHud, You’ve Got Dookies in Your Pool On The Tappan Zee Bridge Issue

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Re: Your editorial about the name of the new bridge: Actually, Journal News, you don’t.  You don’t have to call the new bridge anything that you don’t want to call it.

You see, there is something called freedom of speech in this country. There is also something called freedom of the press.  It’s more than just a something, it’s actually an amendment, the First Amendment in fact, to the Constitution of the United States of America and it’s a very important one.

You seemingly contradicted yourselves here: “Associated Press style, to which we try to adhere, says to use and capitalize the proper names of buildings (a rule that would seem to apply to bridges).”

You didn’t say “to which we adhere”, you used the word ‘try’ meaning that you make an attempt, it doesn’t mean that you have to comply at all times.  As Yoda once famously said “Do or do not, there is no try.” So let’s tell it like it is shall we?

You did briefly mention the underhanded way that the current governor strong-armed the publicly financed narcissistic memorial to his daddy and people are angry and rightly so.

There’s another reason why you don’t have to bow down to the corruption that seems to recklessly spew out of Albany each week; it’s called principle.  It’s taking a stand against “That’s how things are done in Albany”. You see, that’s your job, my job and the media’s job in general.  Elected officials love to throw around the terms such as “public servant” and “public service’.  They need to start to actually focus on serving the public and not the special interests who line their coffers with campaign dollars.

This country needs a strong, independent, adversarial media presence. It’s an important part of the foundation upon which this country was built and yet it has been pimped and bastardized by mainstream media outlets and those of the fringes for decades.

The people of this country need to be presented with facts along with differing and yes, opposing viewpoints.  Those on the outer reaches on both sides have drunk the Myopic Kool Aid and are beyond reach. However, the vast majority of people, those plus or minus two standard deviations from the mean deserve courageous, unbiased news and yes, media outlets who are willing to take a stand on principle alone to address corruption, bullying and abuse of power head on.  People need a trusted source and they must feel that they have a platform from which to express their freedom of speech in a family suitable way.

P.S. The new bridge spanning the Hudson that connects Rockland and Westchester counties will NEVER be referred to by the official name in my publications. The Tappan Zee Bridge, TZ or Purple Heart Memorial Bridge or any derivative is more than welcome


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