Dookie Alert! Why Do We Take Political Advice From Celebrities?

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Everyone in America is entitled to have and express an opinion. With incredible foresight, this was actually woven into the framework of our constitution by way of the first amendment to the constitution by the founding fathers in 1791.  You don’t have to be a citizen, or rich and famous, or have certain religious beliefs, be a member of a particular race and your sexual orientation or gender don’t come into play either.  If you’d like to express yourself, go for it!

That said, why do we assume that others know better and by extension why allow famous people to influence our choices? And is an awards show the proper venue to get political?  She was being honored for her career, she wasn’t there to make a political speech nor was she there to insult those who enjoy football and MMA.

Do these people have some special insight into what’s best for you and your family?  They don’t pay your bills or mine.  We actually pay their bills each time we watch one of their movies, buy one of their songs or watch one of their shows.

Many of them, meaning the Hollywood elite, live a life of privilege that most of us can’t even fathom.  It’s easy for Meryl Streep to preach and criticize from her multi-million dollar pulpit; however there is still a glaring double standard at play.

These people who demand millions to make music and movies don’t care about the common person any more than Democrats care about jobs for coal miners in West Virginia or Republicans care about unionized workers in Kentucky.

It was interesting to see the look on the faces of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn as the camera panned the crowd during Meryl’s privileged diatribe. Don’t think conservative actors care about you and me either; cause they don’t.

Think about it for a moment.  Does Meryl Streep or Katy Perry or Mel Gibson or Bo Derek have any special political insight that you and I don’t have? Does the entertainment business convey an inside look into what’s best for you and me and our families?

Glenn Beck and Chris Matthews may have more insight than the average person because they’re in the business but they’ve both clearly got an agenda and a bias.  That’s fine but we need to recognize that and when people refuse to watch one or the other they are in effect drinking the myopic Kool-aid.  Trust me, neither party has a monopoly on good ideas and hypocrisy doesn’t discriminate.

Sure, the rich and powerful elites in Hollywood may make an appearance here and there but how many of them actually put in the blood sweat and tears for the average working person?  I know of celebrities and in fact have photographed some who are paid top dollar to appear at charity fundraisers and the uninformed automatically assume that they are there out of the goodness of their hearts. Guess what folks? They’re usually there for the paycheck and we’re not talking about a $15.00/hour minimum wage paycheck either. The only celebrity who comes to mind as one who possesses common sense and who demonstrates that he cares with his words, deeds, time, money and talent is Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame.

Speaking of uninformed; the common man bears much of the responsibility as well. This country has become so focused on instant gratification and the latest shiny new object that most don’t even realize that we’re being tossed scraps of bread and treated to the cheap seats at the circus while our future and that of our children are being stolen by the elites on both sides of the political aisle.

We are being divided and conquered before our very eyes. 320,000,000 people and we couldn’t come up with two candidates better than those two?  It’s this disenfranchised and often uninformed population that gave rise to them both.  It’s a “Let’s ignore the smoke over here and point fingers over there” attitude.
There’s a huge uproar and rightly so by Democrats that Russia influenced the election for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Where is the huge uproar by Democrats that the DNC influenced the primary for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders?  Don’t spend too much time looking for the answer, there wasn’t one and yet the DNC knew that they could get away with disenfranchising 13,206,428 democrats who voted for The Bern in order to elevate their anointed one as nominee.  Apparently it’s perfectly okay for a domestic organization to cheat voters but it’s not okay for a foreign power to do so.  Although I’m not a fan of what Russia did they did accomplish two things: 1. They showed everyone just how vulnerable our information is and 2. They exposed a political organization that blatantly worked against many of its own supporters.  Don’t think I’m letting Republicans off the hook here; I can only imagine what was going on behind the scenes over there but at least everyone including the most hard-core Left winger knows that the Republican Party wasn’t helping Donald Trump behind the scenes.  The Democrats got caught trying to subvert the electoral process while the Republicans didn’t get caught trying to subvert their front runner.  Which is worse?

BTW, it’s safe to say that the US of A has stuck its nose into the political affairs of dozens of countries for political purposes.

Take a look at the data; had the DNC not interfered there’s an excellent chance that Bernie Sanders would have soundly defeated Donald Trump. The Donald himself tweeted that he didn’t want the face or “Feel the Bern”.

As much as we may enjoy Facebook, it’s not a reliable source of news.  Rumor, innuendo and outright falsehoods & lies infiltrate and go viral.  People not only believe the garbage, they re-post it making the issue worse without checking facts.  Case in point:  a bunch of anti-Trump protesters in Austin, TX, a man sees buses, puts two and two together and a viral post is born.  According to none other than The New York Times, the incorrect post was shared at least 16,000 times on Twitter and more than 350,000 times on Facebook. The buses were actually there in Austin for a conference that drew 13,000 people. Imagine that, people using coach buses to safely transport people too and from an event safely. and are two sites that I’ve found to be particularly nonpartisan, unbiased and accurate. Being accurate takes time and effort. Nobody will get it right all the time but a little effort is all that’s required.

And let those who are paid to entertain us, entertain us.  You know as well as I do that Meryl Streep knows no more about what’s best for you, your family or this country than Mel Gibson does so do a little research, check the facts from reliable sources and make your own informed decisions.


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