Rockland Board of Rabbis Upset with Lohud Video

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The Rockland Board of Rabbis released the following statement is response to a video teaser produced by The Journal News that publicizes a report that is expected to come out Sunday, January 8th:


Message from the Rockland Board of Rabbis:

We as the Rockland Board of Rabbis are greatly distressed by the recent video posted to social media by Lohud, the Lower Hudson Valley News Source. Entitled “Ramapo at a Breaking Point,” the video is the lead to an upcoming news story. Rather than explore the complex demographic and economic challenges facing Ramapo, this short video is at best tone deaf and, at worst, anti-Semitic. Lacking any meaningful context, the video portrays stereotypical images of orthodox Jews while featuring ominous music and text implying that the unique challenges facing the residents of Ramapo are entirely the responsibility of one segment of the population.

Lohud, which is attempting to do a service to the public, needs to be much more aware of how it chooses to present its material. We recognize there are issues and challenges with the ultra-Orthodox communities developing in Ramapo, but this is not the proper way to handle it. We implore Lohud to not give into fear-mongering and instead create informative and fact based news. The use of old tired tropes will only undermine efforts to solve the critical issues facing all the residents of Ramapo, and by extension, the majority of Rockland County.



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