Dookies in “William Tisi’s” Pool as Yet Another Fake Facebook Profile Bites the Dust

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This is getting to be old but the cowards still seem to show up on a regular basis to spew their lies, nonsense and hyperbole. Last year we exposed Samuel Kasanovich and earlier this year we exposed three more bogus profiles.  This time around it was “William Tisi”—another Kasanovichesque coward trying to stir the pot while hiding their true identity.

Curiously enough, “Billy Boy” apparently didn’t show up under that name, he was admitted to the Ramapo Central Save Our Schools under a different assumed name and then changed it on the fly.  No, I’m not going to reveal how this came to light however rest assured that the admin on that page is very astute.

The Ramapo Central Save Our Schools group provides an excellent forum for information and respectful debate on a number of issues that concern residents of our district.  Sure a dustup occurs every so often but for the most part people are civil, responsive and the group keeps people well-informed.  The page creator and administrator is a careful and fair steward of the group which is why so many people turn to this as a reliable source of information.

FBtisi4Our guy ‘William’ started with an ignorant attack on the page of former RCSD board member Clarke Osborn where he claimed that Osborn ‘bolted’ from the board.  The truth of the matter is that Osborn’s mother was ailing and he left the board to care for her.  Mrs. Osborn passed away last May.

He then moved to the Ramapo Central Save Our Schools Facebook Group where he posted a video of the last RCSD Board meeting.  The video was allegedly shot by a student on behalf of the RTA—no foul there and quite frankly Ramapo Times and The Rockland Star have asked the RTA for permission to post these videos in the future so that residents can watch them if they wish.

The comments and questioning of three of the candidates started at this point.  I was alerted to this profile earlier today and started to look into it.  Red flags popped up almost immediately.  I’m not going to reveal the entire process that I use but it has proven to be very effective.  As soon as I had the evidence that the profile was a fraud, I private messaged ‘William Tisi’ twice.  No response.  People started to ask questions and feeble explanations were provided.  So I called ‘him’ out.  (See the images)

“William” even went so far as to post a copy of his tax bill with all identifying information blacked out.  Interestingly enough, his ‘name’ was also blacked out.  He was also kind enough to write “F.U.R.G” which quite possibly might stand for “F.U. Richard Gandon.”  If I didn’t know better, I would think that some of the folks around here might like like Canadians!  No worries however as my feelings aren’t hurt.  (With all due respect “Mr. Tisi” I get far worse than that from Lenny Scarr every time I get the better of him—which is quite often.)  I can understand blacking out other identifying information but there was no need to black out his name unless of course “William Tisi” isn’t his real name.  (It isn’t, trust me and yes, I do say so!)  “William Tisi’s” profile has since been deleted.

We’ve been able to narrow the location of ‘William Tisi’ down to a cluster of five or six homes in the area.  Property records are going to be reviewed to see if we can come up with a specific name that fits the bill. Initial but unconfirmed results are in my opinion a little shocking but I’m not inclined to publish a list of names or addresses or ‘out’ anyone without 100% confirmation.

The cowardice of hiding behind a fake profile aside, the most troubling aspect of this entire episode is the insidious nature of this year’s ‘Kasanovich’s’ use or should I say ‘theft’ and use of the photo of a young boy.

I contacted the boy’s mother Sarah and she confirmed to me that she doesn’t know ‘William Tisi’ nor did he receive permission to use her copyrighted photo of her young son.  What type of person would steal a photo of a child and put it on a fake Facebook profile?

Sarah is a mom, nurse and student who writes a blog called Momma Finding Balance  or visit her Facebook page  Sarah was gracious enough to respond to my messages and while waiting for her response, I took the time to read some of her posts.  Message to any overwhelmed moms and perhaps dads out there—take a look, there’s some pretty good stuff on her site including “The Power of Hugs” that I found interesting—hug-fest anyone?

I’m going to get up on my soapbox for a moment.

I have spoken with Dr. Adams, RTA President John Canty, Clarke Osborn and Terri DiFalco at length on a number of occasions.  They are all fine, well-intentioned, decent, respectable people in their own right.  They have different viewpoints and offer different perspectives which is what we want and need on our board during challenging times.  I respect their viewpoints and I think I have a pretty good understanding of where they are coming from.  I don’t know Mrs. Monahan personally but I’m sure she’s a responsible parent/board member as well and I have not heard any criticism of her regarding her tenure on the RCSD board.  (Important sidebar: As a corporate employee of McDonald’s, I would like to know why McRib isn’t offered all year long!  Mrs. Monahan, would you care to offer any insight?)

At the end of the day and all differences aside, aren’t we all supposed to be here to advocate for the well-being of our district and for all of the children? Can we do this in an honest, respectful manner?FBtisi6




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