Airmont Village Mayoral Race Heats Up With a Debate Planned

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Village politics are beginning to take on a tone similar to that found in national politics however it may be the supporters behind much of the rhetoric and not the candidates themselves.

Reports of missing signs, misleading flyers and personal character attacks abound along with accusations of other supposed misdeeds taking place in Airmont.

With just twelve days to go before the races are decided, things may heat up even further with a debate planned this for Saturday evening.

The debate begins at 7:00pm at the Howard John’s located at 17 North Airmont Road.

Trustee Ralph Bracco of the Airmont Future Party and Thomas Gulla of the Airmont Reform Party are scheduled to attend.

We reached out to Trustee Philip Gigante who was listed on the flyer as a question mark to find out if he would be there and were told that he had a prior business-related commitment and was unable to attend.


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