Suffern’s Mateo Communications Celebrates 12 Years in Business with New Websites

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Frances Glick, owner of Mateo Communications in Suffern, always knew that she wanted to start her own business however she never imagined that she would be able to offer so many services to so many people while also being able to volunteer her time for the greater good of her community.

Glick, who was born in Peru, attended Pontifical Catholic University in Lima where she earned an associate’s degree and studied law for three years. After living in Spain for two years, she arrived in the U.S. where she attended Hudson Community College to improve her English.

Her schedule of working 12 hour days in a health club came to an end when she gave birth to her son Matthew.

“Matthew was born in October of 2001 and I was in business for myself nine months later” said Glick, “When I first opened, no one in town knew me, so I used to walk around with Matthew giving out flyers and talking to people about my ‘new office’. I had just opened and in this business people need to trust the person they are giving their money to. At first they just talked to me, but no one entered my store for weeks or months. It was a challenge to open this business in Suffern, because at that time Suffern was almost a ghost town; very few people were on the street. At times people told me to move to Spring Valley, but I did not want to compete there; I was more interested to bring something new to Suffern since I was Hispanic and there was a large Hispanic community in the village. Despite the hardships, I always dreamed of working for myself.”

Often mistaken for a check cashing store, Frances is quick to point out that she does not cash checks. “We do a lot of money transfers and not just for the Hispanic community; our services are less expensive than using a bank for a money transfer and we can recommend and offer the best, safest and most reliable service provider depending upon where in the world our customers want to send funds.”

After starting her business she became an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer and a Notary Public.

Second child, daughter Samantha arrived in 2003 and working for herself provides her with the flexibility to be a mom and a businesswoman.

Mateo Communications offers a wide variety of services including Money transfers to almost every country in the world except Cuba, Internet access, EZ-Pass, bus tickets sales for Rockland TOR, bill payment, phone cards, fax, scanning & copying, NYS Lottery, tax preparation, translations & notary public services and she also sells Avon products.

In 2005, a second location offering essentially the same services was opened in Monroe, NY. “We saw the opportunity and the demographic to expand the business in Monroe so we went to Orange County with our second location.”

In order to move her business to the next level, Glick felt the need to build a new website. “We had a very small website but I felt that I needed to be able to tell our story better and to a larger audience.”

Mateo Communications commissioned a total of four websites: an English website for Suffern and Monroe as well as a site in Spanish for each location as well. The sites list all of her products and services, link to one another and were built so that she can add additional features as her business and product offerings grow.

When not running her business, Glick keeps very busy. “I’m a mother of two children who attend Suffern Middle School and I volunteer with activities hosted by Immigration Coalition, Catholic Community Charities of Rockland, or Tagaste Monastery on issues that could affect the immigrant community which I find very rewarding.” Glick also serves as the Treasurer of the Suffern Chamber of Commerce.

When not taking care of her business, her children or volunteering her time, Glick likes to workout, travel to warm places such as Venezuela (where her father lives), visits her family in Spain, France, Italy, Peru, and has visited Veracruz, Mexico( place where a large percentage of her clients are from). However, the Dominican Republic remains a favorite destination because of the ocean, the beaches, the people, food, culture, Romeo Santos and bachata. (bachata is a Latino genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic).

“I enjoy being busy and feeling useful and productive to society and helping my community. I am an American by heart because this country gave me all these possibilities” exclaimed Glick, “The best feeling I get is when a person is happy or relieved after leaving my store because I have been able to help”.

She credits her success to those around her “Many people have helped me; many people in town became my family and helped me a lot especially when my kids were little. My employees are the ones responsible for the success of Mateo Communicatiopns. I am fortunate to have Adriana, Anahi and Victor in my Suffern location and Marialuisa and Pilar in the Monroe location. All of my employees are responsible, honest, intelligent and willing to help and learn. These are just a few of the many wonderful people that I have encountered along the way.”

The golden rule that defines Glick’s business is quite simple: “One has to be honest and always make sure the client is treated with respect.”