If You’re Going to see it, Can You see it at the Lafayette?

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50 Shades of Grey opens tonight across the country and the movie has caused controversy before it even arrived.  Some are upset that the Town of Ramapo is ‘promoting’ the movie.  (I can’t in good conscience call it a film because the books sucked but more about that later.)

Why the outcry?  S&M, BDSM etc. are the dominant themes.  Now I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between the two but this is a love story with a kinky twist.  Big deal.  How many movies or even television shows deal with and portray rape and violence?  Where’s the outcry there?  If anything they draw attention to the plight of victims.  These two characters are consenting adults.  There is no force, there is an agreement and there are choices to be made.  And what would a story be without a kinky antagonist?

Sure the story is predictable;  after a while the sex parts got old.  In my humble opinion reading the books was probably more painful than any of the acts portrayed in the books.

Yes I read all three and yes that may make me the literary equivalent of a masochist. With the immense popularity of the books, I mistakenly figured that the story had to get better at some point.  It didn’t.

This pretty much sums up the formula:

The deed.
Expensive gift.

Over and over again for three long books.

Groups are trying to connect this movie with domestic violence and as promoting abuse and violence against women but I fail to see the connection.

If I recall, the antagonist Christian Grey was probably more of a victim as a child and then by a much older woman as a young adult than the protagonist Anastasia is.  But that’s just me.  I haven’t yet seen an outcry from anti-domestic violence advocates protesting the abuse that he endured.

If you’re that upset, donate $20 to a women’s shelter.

Do we need to censor and protest movies?  Can people not choose to see the movie or stay home for themselves without being ‘guilted’ into or out of it?  American Sniper apparently promoted war.  I read the book and thought it more about promoting the saving of American lives at war.

Anything that brings people to the theater and into the shops and restaurants is a good thing.

In any event, if you choose to see it, and you live within 20 miles of Suffern consider going the Lafayette theater.  The Lafayette is one of the few remaining single screen theaters in the country and is a great way to enjoy the movie with your friends (although I’m fairly confident there won’t be large groups of men congregating together to see it) and have dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in the village.  Downtown’s in many towns and villages are dying and they need the support of residents and visitors alike.

Ladies, if you’re so inspired, when you get home…. Okay, let’s keep it family friendly.

A word to the wise; if after seeing the movie in Suffern you decide to stay for dinner at one of the many fine dining establishments,  and we have Irish, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese and American to choose from, try to keep your hands to yourself.  Marcello’s is always a popular choice however the last thing anyone wants to see is Marcello running up Lafayette Avenue with a crowd of women chasing him, yelling “Don’ta smacka Marcello’s culo”!


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