Smokescreens, Nonsense and ‘Lisa Benson’ has Dookies in ‘his or her’ Pool

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I have always offered equal time and equal space in my publications provided that five simple rules are met:

  • Tell us who you are. Anonymous cowards need not bother. We have in the past withheld names but we have to know who you are and be satisfied that you are who you say you are.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Keep it fair.
  • Keep it honest.
  • Keep subjective, personal attacks to yourself. Attack the issues, not the individual.

Despite repeated offers of equal time and space, many would rather spout off on Facebook; that is their prerogative.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can make accusations because they disagree with what has been published but when challenged to address the facts as presented, 99.9% of the time they can’t, they don’t or they deflect onto other issues. I call that the ‘smokescreen’ and many have repeatedly seen it on display.

A typical exchange goes something like this:

Reader: You did this, this and this and you said this, that and the other thing and I’m going to have a hissy fit cause you made me maaaaddd!!!

Me: Actually I said this, did that and have no idea what the other thing is, can you show me? And while you’re at it, please show me where I have been factually inaccurate and I would be happy to make the correction.

Reader: Blah!!!!! I can’t or won’t address the facts and the truth because Colonel Jessup was right: I CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! So instead I’m going to try to blow smoke up your cooley and deflect to this other issue instead and hope that you and everybody else won’t notice!

This cycle repeats itself over and over again. Please feel free to send me a letter to the editor or an article folks and I’d be happy to publish it—just see the rules as outlined above.

In all seriousness, although rarely are they ever correct, I must say that I respect these people—the real ones anyway because at the very least they have the courage to express themselves without hiding who they are.

BTW, after being accused of being unfair, I went out and found the press release that was sent to the Journal News—and published it verbatim five days after it was written, but the moment that I finally found it. Where is the bias? There is none. Most people want their news to be widely disseminated so why not send it to everyone? It would have been nice to get it on the day it was published for “Immediate Release”. It would have been nicer still had those behind it answered questions or returned phone calls. Oh well, they are under no obligation to respond. But don’t get angry when people who do return phone calls and who do answer questions have their say.

We published two videos of a village board meeting. Someone actually made a claim yesterday that it contained information that clearly isn’t there! I had the audacity to ask where everyone could find this information because I couldn’t find it. I still haven’t gotten an answer and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Watch the video and see what was said for yourself. Make up your own mind; come to your own conclusions. It’s a video, a pretty good record of what went on—in my opinion. If anything written is inaccurate, please let me know and I will correct it.

I was attacked for publishing a Letter to the Editor last week. It doesn’t really bother me but instead why not respond to a much larger audience by sending a rebuttal letter back?

And then there are the fake accounts. We have exposed four of them so far, are looking at more and based upon what happened yesterday, it would appear as if we have exposed a fifth. We are actually quite good at not only uncovering, investigating and exposing these accounts; in many instances we can pinpoint the locations of the fraudsters too. Keep that in mind the next time you want to Samuel Kasanovich or ‘Mike Peppers’ or ‘Eve Summers’ someone. There was a fourth however the account was deleted before we got everything on ‘her’.

One “Lisa Benson” decided to attack me personally yesterday. A cursory glance at “his or her” Facebook page was very telling so I asked if anyone knew who this ‘person’ was. Well, “Lisa” went off the reservation with vitriol, accusations, disparaging remarks and innuendo. Apparently “Lisa” thinks they’ve got the goods on me. Despite repeated requests by me, ‘Lisa Benson’ declined to dish on me. I wonder why?

What “Lisa” doesn’t realize is that while I have nothing to hide apparently he or she has plenty to hide, but not for long. I got the account url, screenshots of the account and screenshots of the exchange all before he or she deleted their fake account. Facebook has been notified, my attorney has been contacted and although it will take time, we will find out who the perpetrator is and they will be exposed.  Deleting your account does not delete the record; it’s out there and I’m going to get it. As an aside, not a single person has stepped forward claiming to know or to have met “Lisa Benson”. People have stepped forward with a number of very interesting suggestions however.

The need for a fake Facebook account baffles me but perhaps it shouldn’t. These are the worst kind of cowardly bullies. They try to hijack the discussion in order to promote their own agendas but lack the guts to do so under their own name.

When we exposed Samuel Kasanovich as a fraud, we did not reveal the perpetrator’s name. Needless to say, we have it; we know exactly who HE is and may very well decide to publish HIS name should HE continue his shenanigans under a new bogus identity. The bottom line is that our policy of protecting the guilty is going to change. I can’t wait to find out who ‘Lisa Benson’ really is.


Richard Gandon is the Owner and Publisher of hyper-local community news websites. With a background in financial services, sales and training, he bring a unique perspective to journalism. He hosts a bi-monthly radio show and is a professional photographer.