Why Do We Lie?

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The Behavioral Science Guys, a.k.a. the New York Times bestselling authors David Maxfield and Joseph Grenny, use behavioral science to explain why we’re so inclined to lie.

Joseph and David conduct an experiment with a group of Bible-studying teens only to find out that in the first condition, 80% of the subjects lied. However, when asked to sign an honor code, the teens in the second condition reverse the results—80% of the teens told the truth!

What’s in a signature you might ask? According to scientist Albert Bandura, we’re all capable of making good choices as long as we see the immediate choice as a moral one. So, rather than assuming others have some kind of moral defect, instead use polite reminders to help yourself and others stay honest.

The key to making the world a more moral place is by spending less time judging each other and more time reminding each other.

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