Anellotech, IFP Energies nouvelles and Axens to co-develop Bio-aromatics Production Technology from Non-food Biomass

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Pearl River, New York/Paris, France (January 19, 2015) – Anellotech Inc., IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) and its subsidiary Axens have announced a strategic alliance to develop and commercialize a new technology for the low cost production of bio-based benzene, toluene and paraxylene using Anellotech’s process of Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis (CFP) of non-food biomass. The technology will address large-scale units and produce purified aromatics streams suitable for modern derivative production processes at a very competitive price with respect to their petroleum based counterparts.

Based on Anellotech’s innovative proprietary CFP technology, patents licensed from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and Axens’ proprietary post-treatment hydrotreating process, this new technology will open the way to a competitive production of bio-aromatics from renewable resources with lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. These drop-in green versions of widely used basic petrochemicals are utilized as raw materials in the production of consumer goods such as plastic bottles, clothing, carpeting, automotive parts, as well as other everyday consumer and industrial products.

The goal of this co-development alliance is to combine research and development with commercial scale-up knowledge and resources to achieve process development and commercialization of the CFP technology in the shortest possible time.

Within the alliance, Anellotech will continue its research work at the Pearl River facility on the clean technology platform for inexpensively producing bio-based aromatics from renewable non-food biomass. IFPEN will mainly focus on process scale-up and hydrodynamic studies at its Lyon site, France, and Axens will finalize development and basic plant design and prepare the technology for commercialization. It is expected that the technology will be ready for industrial implementation in 2019. Axens will market and license the technology globally and provide basic engineering design and start-up services while Anellotech, Axens and IFPEN conduct on-going research and development for continual process improvement and to support licensing efforts.

This alliance provides the highest level of affirmation for Anellotech’s groundbreaking technology,” said David Sudolsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Anellotech, Inc. “It aligns three companies that share a vision for manufacture of sustainable basic chemicals as an advantaged alternative for petroleum-based products. This is an exciting day for Anellotech – for the dedicated staff at our Pearl River facility, our partners and our investors.

“We are extremely pleased to share a common vision on the future of bio-based chemicals intermediates and transportation fuels with Anellotech and Axens and to provide our expertise on process development and scale-up to the alliance to bring Anellotech’s very innovative technology for the low cost production of bio-based aromatics to the market,” said Pascal Barthélemy, Executive Vice-President of IFPEN.

We are extremely pleased to help finalize the development and commercialize this breakthrough technology which enables the production of sustainable basic chemicals and/or clean transportation fuels in a cost-competitive way compared to the traditional fossil routes,” said Jean-Luc Nocca, Axens’ Executive Vice-President, Technology Development & Innovation.


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