Curley Called it as the Suffern Village Board Rights the Wrongs: Adwar & Rice Reappointed

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Suffern’s most Charismatic & Irascible Barkeep Gets it Right—Again!

When he’s not tinkering with the menu or touching the tables with his quick wit and Irish humor, Michael Curley weighs in on weightier matters and more often than not, he hits the mark.

At December’s Village of Suffern reorganization meeting, the usually mild-mannered, affable and charming proprietor of Suffern’s Shamrock Hotel got his Irish up and the Suffern Village board ended up on the receiving end of an Oscar-worthy dressing down over two issues: The failure to confirm the reappointment of Associate Justice Stephanie Adwar and the failure to confirm the reappointment of Suffern Village Attorney Terry Rice. Watch Michael Curley’s Epic Dressing Down of the Village Board.

Fast forward a month later and all is seemingly right once again in the charming village that sits at the entrance to the Ramapo Pass as the Village Board saw fit to confirm both appointments.
At Monday evening’s Village Board meeting, speaker after speaker got up to offer their support and opinions regarding Judge Adwar including Chairwoman of the Rockland County Democratic Committee Kristen Stavisky who read a letter from Chairman of the Rockland County Legislature, Alden Wolfe. (Read the Letter)

When it came time for the appointments, everyone held their collective breaths as initially a number of appointments were held over—meaning that they were not confirmed but they maintain their positions.  When it came time to reconfirm the appointment of long-time Suffern Village Attorney Terry Rice, at first there was stony silence until a Trustee put forth the motion and the motion was then seconded.  The final vote was 4-1 in favor with Trustee Morris the lone ‘nay’ vote.

Then came the main event. Mayor Trish Abato reappointed Judge Stephanie Adwar and at first the appointment was met with silence until Trustee Byrne made a rather eloquent statement whereby he spoke about his 16 years on the bench before putting forward the motion that Judge Adwar be reconfirmed. The motion was seconded by Trustee Hagen and the motion carried unanimously.

The reappointment of Judge Adwar delivers much-needed backup for newly elected Village of Suffern Justice Ernie Buonocore and returns to the bench a woman who has a tremendous amount of support from local residents.

Curley, who in addition to the free advice he offers as the proprietor of an Irish Pub sidelines as an armchair political pundit and consultant, was right on both counts. Terry Rice is a highly qualified and competent attorney for the village and Judge Adwar, who by all accounts has done a fine job on the bench, is back offering much needed assistance and relief to Judge Buonocore. Onward and upward toward dealing with the fiscal challenges that the Village of Suffern faces.

Michael Curley dishes up great food, great atmosphere and a healthy dose of political advice and common sense at The Shamrock Hotel, 84 Orange Avenue in Suffern.


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