Some See Digust, I See a Teaching and Learning Opportunity

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A tip of the hat to Bruce Simon for sharing this on Facebook:

Friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, I’m all for free speech and open dialogue, but sometimes, you need to call someone out. XXXX XXXXXXX, thanks for sharing this, so EVERYONE knows who you are and where you’re coming from.

“The attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem was not a “terror attack” nor were the victims “civilians”. The attack was an act of resistance against a monolithic genocidal entity that seeks to wipe out the Palestinian people and take every last inch of their land.”

Bruce refers to a post that a woman posted on someone else’s page.

As I’m sure you can guess, a number of people commented and expressed their outrage and disgust.  I for one did not.

This woman did us a favor.   All too often people with these types of views and opinions smile to our faces while lurking just below the surface quietly destroying the fabric of decent society.

While I disagree and find her opinions disturbing on so many levels, we know who this person is and what she’s all about as far as this issue is concerned.  That she attempts to proffer opinions as fact takes this post to an entirely different level; at least it does in my mind anyway.  And yet I still support her right to freedom of speech as does Bruce Simon.

Hatred, bigotry and ignorance are not inherited traits, rather they are taught and learned and passed from generation to generation and in my opinion they are just plain wrong.  So too can acceptance, tolerance and understanding be taught, learned and passed down and again in my opinion they are just the plain right way to raise children in a diverse, open society.

This post can and should serve as a teaching opportunity.  Replace the opposing parties in the post above with any two opposing groups on any issue.  People do have and are entitled to differences of opinion.  They are not entitled to make up their own facts nor should they be allowed to present their opinions as facts.  Ignorant people resort to hatred and condemnation rather than seeking to find points of agreement and common ground.  Most Democrats and Republicans are not inherently bad people, nor are most members of the LGBT community and conservative Christians.  Some members of all of these groups often act like petulant children and it’s the blanket condemnation of ‘opposing’ groups that I find objectionable but by and large, most are decent human beings.  Sitting down, agreeing to disagree on some points while maintaining the dignity of and respect toward those with whom we disagree should be the ultimate goal of all decent people.

Show this to your children, teach them that those who harbor hatred in their hearts and advocate for condemnation are a part of the problem and that accepting and respecting people with differences of opinion, different lifestyles and different beliefs should be the norm and not the exception.

I’m not going to ‘out’ or condemn the woman who wrote the post who offended so many nor do I think that she will be persuaded to change her mind.  I don’t know her personally so I can’t even comment on nor will I judge her character, I only have her post to go by.  Attack the issue and not the individual is the mantra we try to follow in my publications and I’m not going to change that anytime soon.  Rather, she can serve as an example for the type of views that most of us do not wish our children to aspire to have.

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