Major Disheartening Dookies in Local Elections

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I generally don’t publicly endorse or oppose candidates for elected office.  We offer to publish factual information that is sent to us; some candidates send us something, others choose not to; their choice but we publish what we get and include a disclaimer that clearly states our neutrality.   My stance is that most voters are astute enough to make an informed choice.  Although I do have my opinions and in many instances I know the candidates better than many, you won’t see election signs on my lawn and it’s my choice to remain neutral on elections in my publications although that could be subject to change.

Local politics have taken a decidedly nasty turn in recent days and quite frankly I am disgusted by the tactics employed.

Chris Day has been called the “Number 1 Jew Hater” in election posters posted in and around FRUM synagogues.  I’ve spoken with Chris Day and have had him on my radio show; I’ve neither seen or heard anything to suggest that he wants to do anything more than to represent ALL of the people of this congressional district.  Day is no more the ‘number 1 Jew hater’ than Lowey is the number 1 Christian hater.  I for one would have like to have seen Congresswoman Lowey condemn the defamatory posters.  Apparently it is okay to denigrate someone’s character but should anyone dare to shed light on the improprieties of the ‘religious’ community charges of anti-Semitism fly freely.   I can only wonder what the reaction would be if I were to publish such an outrageous suggestion about Congresswoman Lowey.

Village of Suffern prosecutor and candidate for Village Justice Bob Yodowitz has been uncharacteristically attacked in both campaign literature and via a robo-call.

Judges do not weigh in on the issues during election campaigns; as such, their campaigns are more about knocking on doors to introduce themselves to voters.

I have nothing bad to say about Mr. Yodowitz’s opponent Ernest Buonacore.  I know Ernie and I like him as a person but unfortunately his reputation has been called into question as the result of the attacks on his opponent.  We don’t even know if he was an active participant in the smear campaign–that said, I’d like to think that he wasn’t.  In many instances unwarranted attacks such as this backfire on anyone even incidentally linked to them.

I have also gotten to know Bob Yodowitz and his wife Gayle, a teacher at Suffern Middle School.

Mr. Yodowitz is a fine, decent, hardworking man and completely undeserving of the lies disseminated and the attack on his character.  Anyone with any sense of decency whatsoever would be ashamed to participate in such a blatant, unwarranted attack.

Why would anyone in this day and age want to run for elected office knowing that they will be brutally attacked and their character questioned?  I wonder how many good candidates are dissuaded by these tactics from throwing their hats into the ring.

I’m not falling for that old canard that it’s ‘just politics’. This is dirty politics of the worst kind.  There is plenty of mud to be slung, skeletons to be exposed and Dookies floating in pools to go around and if that’s the way people want to play that game; please just let me know that those are the rules in advance so that I can let the cold hard facts fly–I am quite sure that nobody will take me up on that offer.

The reputations of two decent men have now been tainted by the ugliness that has permeated this election; there is no place for this kind of divisiveness in a close-knit village such as ours.

For the record, I have defended the reputations of both Democrats and Republicans up above; I believe that people should always come before political parties.

Go out and vote your conscience, vote for those who you feel will best represent the interests of your family and try to separate the lies and distortions from the candidates themselves.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.~George Jean Nathan

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