Audio: Group Claiming to be “Rockland County Board of Elections” Calling and Urging People to Vote No

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Ramapo Times & Rockland Star Exclusive

Callers and a Facebook post brought this to our attention, a group apparently out of Monsey is calling voters and urging them to vote “No’ on today’s ward referendum.

So we called the number and they clearly answer ‘elections’ when answering the phone.

Our favorite part is when we asked why we should vote “No”: “Because that’s um. that’s how it is” and “It’s better for us here in Rockland and this is what they want us to do.”

A recording of the conversation was made and has been forwarded to Rockland County Board of Elections Commissioner Louis Babcock.

We are not sure what the penalty is for claiming to be the “Rockland County Board of Elections” and will provide an update as soon as we clarify this.

For the record, as a Canadian citizen I am not eligible to vote.


Listen for yourself by clicking the arrow at the top of this article to play the audio file.


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