History Today: 7-15-2014

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1869 Margarine was patented in France by Hippolyte Mege Mouries.

1870 Georgia became the last of the Confederate States to be readmitted to the Union.

1918 The Second Battle of the Marne began during World War I.

1940 The world’s tallest man (8 feet, 11.1 inches), Robert Wadlow, died.

1948 John J. Pershing, whose leadership in World War I earned him the title General of the Armies of the United States, died in Washington, DC.

1975 The Russian Soyuz and the U.S. Apollo launched. The Apollo-Soyuz mission was the first international manned spaceflight.

2010 After 86 days of gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico and several previous attempts to contain the flow, BP caps its leaking oil well.


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