Betty Carmand; Town Activist Announces Her Run for Ramapo Town Council 12 July 2013

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We, who live in the Town of Ramapo, are in the midst of a financial crisis according to the NYS Comptroller.  Our current leaders on the Ramapo Town Board have been making decisions that are both fiscally and ethically irresponsible to the citizens of Ramapo.  They have to be held accountable for the destruction they are causing.  The unbridle growth in Ramapo (Patrick Farm) will have a devastating effect on the Village of Pomona and the surrounding areas, and the financially strapped ERCSD.  The Ramapo Town Board fail to listen to the concerns of the ordinary citizens of Ramapo.  Every available piece of land is being used for housing.  What happen to green spaces?


My name is Betty Carmand.  A resident of Ramapo for over 30 years. A mother of four children.  Three of my children currently attend East Ramapo schools.  My concerns about the plight of the ER schools have caused my involvement with the “Save Our Schools”, “Power of Ten”, and the “Spring Valley NAACP”.  I am the lead plaintiff in an appeal to the NYS Commissioner of Education to stop the East Ramapo Board Education from using public funds to defend themselves in various legal actions.


As a member of a community who has felt the effects of bad decision making by the Ramapo Town Board, I would like to give the voiceless a voice in Ramapo and Rockland County.  Preserve Ramapo have put together a diverse slate of candidates who will work to bring together all parts of our community in Rockland and the Town of Ramapo.  No one will be ignored! 


Betty Carmand

Ramapo Town Council Candidate

Preserve Rockland/Ramapo Line


Slate of Candidates:

Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

Michael Parietti, Ramapo Town Supervisor

Dr. Weldon M. Mc Williams IV, Ramapo Town Board

Betty Carmand, Ramapo Town Board

Henry Stewart, Ramapo Town Justice

Calherbe Monel, Spring Valley Mayor

Emelia White, Spring Valley Trustee





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